Signature Flexibility Extended Deposit Windows

Planning a big family get-together can be challenging as you try and match everyone’s busy schedule, sometimes you need flexibility and that’s what Signature Flexibility offers you. And now it’s even better due to extended deposit windows that enable you to deposit your fixed week up to six months in advance.
Available for Platinum members, Signature Flexibility gives you the best of both worlds: the guarantee of a fixed week and unit and the flexibility of Points. You have the option to choose each year whether you want to stay in your unit during the fixed week you own as you have always done in the past or deposit your week in the Signature Flexibility program in exchange for an allotment of Points. Signature Points can be used in a variety of ways, for example to stay at a different time of year, extend a vacation or change the size or location of units.
You can convert all or part of your villa into Points. For example, you can use your Suite and deposit your Room for points or vice versa. This will allow you to save Points for another vacation in a different season, a different location or resort.
You may decide to bank your Signature Points to use at a later date or borrow them from next year. You can also convert them into RCI Points for international exchange purposes.
There are no service charges for using the Signature Flexibility program. Take advantage of extended deposit windows and deposit your fixed weeks up to six months in advance. This is a huge advantage since it means you don’t need to plan too far ahead.