In addition to an extensive training program, regular customer service courses during the year and department analysis of guest satisfaction survey results, Royal Resorts employees have a performance evaluation every three months. They are evaluated using indicators specific to their post and are able to discuss the results with their managers and set goals for improvement. Outstanding staff are nominated for the resort-wide Star Employee Program which is held three times a year.
A 360˚ evaluation was also implemented for middle to upper management earlier this year and an Organizational Climate survey has just been conducted with all staff. The findings of the previous survey held three years ago were instrumental in expanding the training program even further, changing the Star Employee and staff evaluation program and improving the employee cafes, among others.

Adult Education
One of the leading companies in the state of Quintana Roo and in Mexico in the field of adult education, Royal Resorts has received a number of accolades for its work over the years. Employees who were unable to complete their high school education when they were younger due to economic hardship, difficult family circumstances, illness or other reasons are given the opportunity to continue their studies in the workplace. CONEVyT, the National Council of Education for Life & Work, and INEA (National Institute of Adult Education) have paid tribute to the company and its teachers on several occasions, recognizing the company’s commitment to the education of its staff.
Around 95 staff are currently enrolled in adult education courses and in 2014, 34 completed their primary or secondary studies and five members of staff learned to read and write. To date, 1,300 certificates have been presented to staff members who have gone through this program.

Jacinta Kauil, 25 years with Royal Resorts and former student in the Adult Education Program
The company’s longest serving maid, celebrating 25 years with Royal Resorts this July, Jacinta Kauil can vouch for the effectiveness of the adult education program. She was able to finish her primary and secondary school studies in the workplace and says, “I have learned so much as part of my job; all the courses I have been able to take during my years here and thanks to Royal Resorts I was able to get my school certificate.
“I am originally from the village of Tihosuco in central Quintana Roo, where work opportunities are very limited for women,” Jacinta explains, “and in 1990 my sister Seguis, who works at The Royal Sands in the Housekeeping Supplies department encouraged me to move to Cancun to look for a job. I was very nervous and timid when I joined Royal Resorts, but with time, studying and the influence of the training, I have learned to conquer my shyness. When the Housekeeper sends me trainees I always tell them what a good company this is and that it gives them the opportunity to study and grow.
“Many members remember me from the early days of The Royal Caribbean and it is always a pleasure to welcome them back and look after them during their stay. I would like to thank all our members for choosing Royal Resorts and for coming back year after year.
Jacinta adds, “I have never wanted to work anywhere else, I love it here and for me Royal Resorts is a family in more ways than one, two of my sisters work here, my daughter also decided to join the company and works at The Royal Islander and my son-in-law is a waiter at Hacienda Sisal.”

Opportunities for Growth
Royal Resorts offers staff many opportunities for cross-training and if candidates show aptitude and there is a job opening, they are transferred and are able to move up the career ladder. As a result of this program, many employees have found their calling in the company and have been promoted. A case in point is Joel Torrontegui, a member of the Human Development department who left a career in acting to join Royal Resorts.

Joel Torrontegui, Training Coordinator, Human Development
Born in Yucatan, Joel Torrontegui grew up in Mexico City where he studied theater. He moved to Cancun to look for work, knowing that he would need a steady job to support him while he pursued his goals as an actor. He found Royal Resorts and joined the company 16 years ago as a gardener. He says, “I soon signed up for English and Computing classes and began to support the Activities department where my acting experience came in handy. Eleven months later, I was promoted to the Sports Desk where I stayed for five years. I loved talking to members and guests and taking care of them. During my time in the department I learned to sail and reached a level of proficiency where I could give classes to guests who had never used the sailboats before.
“I then had the chance to do work experience at the Front Desk and Human Development. I chose the latter and after an induction and training period I was appointed Course Coordinator for the Royal Resorts Caribbean Division, attending to the training needs of the resorts on St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba operated with Systems by Royal Resorts.
“I have been a member of the Human Development team for 10 years now and I love it. I am really grateful to Royal Resorts for the opportunities and support it has given me. And although I don’t have time to act any more, whenever there’s an event or festival during the year I am always ready to put on a performance. Indeed many members may have seen me on November 1 and 2 during the Dia de Muertos celebrations (Day of the Dead) as I dress up as La Catrina, the comical skeletal lady of death and tour the resorts.
“My message to our members would be thank you for visiting us each year and for exploring our beautiful country. During your stay I hope that you experience our rich cultural heritage and traditions.”

Spreading the Green Message
At Royal Resorts, we take our role of environmental stewardship very seriously and are always looking for ways to expand the green initiatives already in place such as recycling, saving water and energy and substituting cleaning products for environmentally friendly alternatives, beach cleaning, environmental and education, among others. The green philosophy extends throughout the company and employees attend workshops on recycling, water conservation and other ecological topics.
In 2013, a team of 15 employees was trained as sustainability experts and they now give workshops to their fellow employees on environmental protection, social responsibility and even the importance of wellbeing and mental health. The message they share spreads through the company and staff transmit it to their families and into the community, helping to raise awareness and work for change.

Healthy Lifestyle
In 2013, the Human Development department launched a health and wellbeing program. During the year, teams of doctors visit the resorts to give talks and screening sessions to staff in the areas of ophthalmology, dental health, breast, cervix and prostate cancer and osteoporosis.
This initiative was expanded in 2014 with a healthcare and nutrition program launched by the Royal Resorts Commissary and coordinated by the Human Development department. A team of dietitians visits the resorts every month to give seminars to staff on the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, the dangers posed by obesity and junk food. After the sessions, staff can stay to be weighed, get a personalized diet plan based on the results and chat with a dietitian, all with the goal of getting down to their optimum weight during the year (they are charged a small monthly fee for this service).
Based upon the recommendations of the dietitians, menus in the staff cafes were changed to include more salads, vegetarian dishes and other healthy options. Posters and tent cards educate staff about optimum portion sizes, recommended foods and the dangers of too much sugar and salt in the diet.