Segismunda, affectionately known as Segis, is from the village of Tihosuco in central Quintana Roo, also known as the Zona Maya, a rural area rich in history and traditions.She explains what brought her to Cancún. “In 1987, my husband and I left our community in search of a better life. We came to Cancun to look for jobs and I soon found work in The Royal Cancun as a cleaner and then as a maid.“In 1988, I moved to The Royal Caribbean. Six months later, Myrna Pech, who was the Resort Housekeeper at that time, promoted me to the post of Supervisor. I worked at The Royal Caribbean for 14 years and one of the members I met during that time still visits me in January to learn Maya!“I transferred to The Royal Sands in 2003. I had often wondered what it would be like to work there so when Myrna, now Executive Housekeeper, offered me the job of Housekeeping Supplies Supervisor, I jumped at the chance.“It has meant so much to me to work at Royal Resorts. I am very grateful for the training I have received over the years. I have been given the opportunity to study English and computing, and through the Adult Education program I was able to finish my high school studies and graduate.“I would like to thank the members for visiting us every year. It makes me very proud that they have chosen to explore my land, with all its beaches, archaeological sites, cenotes and caves. As we say in Maya, which is my mother tongue: ki’imak k-óol úuchik a taal Welcome home!”