Here’s the latest news from the Royal Resorts Foundation and the work it is able to do to transform lives and protect the planet as a result of the generous support of Royal Resorts members, guests and employees.


Kitchen construction well underway at Don Bosco Youth Center
Building a kitchen at the Don Bosco Youth Center was the 2018 Royal Resorts Foundation Race cause and it is now taking shape. The teenagers attending the center will soon have access to the balanced and nutritious meals they need as they study for a better future.

Open School at Colegio Mano Amiga
Thanks to the donations of Royal Resorts members, guests and staff, the Royal Resorts Foundation is able to provide scholarships for an entire class of 35 children at Colegio Mano Amiga in the Ciudad de Alegria in Cancun. Royal Resorts Foundation representatives recently caught up with these second graders at their open school event before they broke up for the summer holiday.

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Colegio Mano Amiga students come from poor families, often from single parent households, migrant families or vulnerable backgrounds sometimes overshadowed by domestic violence, health and other problems that would make it impossible for children to continue their studies if it were not for the support they receive from the Royal Resorts Foundation.


Collecting school materials
Royal Resorts employees have been collecting new and second-hand text books, art materials and other school kit to donate to children in disadvantaged communities on the outskirts of Cancun.

If you would like to donate educational material, children’s books in Spanish, new toys and clothing in good condition for children and adults, you may do so year round. The Royal Resorts Foundation will see that they get to those who need help the most.


Bottle tops can make a difference
Royal Resorts employees support an ongoing campaign to collect plastic bottle tops and put them to better use. In late July, 21 kilos of bottle tops collected at the resorts were delivered to Banco de Tapitas A.C., a Mexican charity that sells them for recycling and uses the proceeds to help children with cancer.


Protecting the environment
Did you know that one discarded cigarette stub pollutes approximately eight liters of sea water and up to 50 liters of fresh water? However, they can be reprocessed, mixed with recycled paper and sawdust and given a new use that reduces their impact on the environment. Royal Resorts cleaning staff participated in the First Colillaton campaign organized by the Cancun Ka´Yok´ Planetarium to raise awareness about the need to dispose of cigarette stubs correctly. They handed over 15 kilos of cigarette stubs picked up on the beaches or from ashtrays at the resorts from April to July.

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