RS tortugas 23

Royal Resorts is delighted to announce the birth of the first baby turtles of the season at The Royal Sands and The Royal Caribbean in Cancun. In the last few days, eggs have hatched in several of the turtle nests under guard in the corrals. Staff and guests have already released 7,609 tortuguitas at dusk, watching as they race across the sand towards the waves and life at sea.

In other turtle news, the latest report on August 11 revealed that there are now 677 nests at the resorts with 82,731 eggs. This means that in terms of number of eggs, 2013 is turning out to be even better than the record-breaking 2012 season. As female turtles may still come ashore to nest until mid-September, the tally is likely to increase considerably.

Please remember that if you see a nesting turtle, you must follow the turtle rules. Notify resort security personnel immediately. Keep quiet and watch from a distance as the turtle digs her nest and starts laying her eggs. Do not attempt to touch, crowd or disturb her in any way and please do not take photos using your flash. Under Mexican law it is illegal to harm turtles, hunt them or steal their eggs.

If you are a guest at Royal Resorts and would like to watch a turtle release, ask the Activities staff for more information. It is very important to abide by the rules when releasing baby turtles and to follow the instructions given by security guards.  Handle the fragile hatchlings with care and keep children under strict supervision. Flash photography and smoking are prohibited.

Royal Resorts members and guests can help protect the turtles and support the Royal Resorts Foundation conservation cause by purchasing a commemorative Turtle Team t-shirt from the Gift Shop.

We will be publishing additional updates during the summer on this blog and also on the Royal Resorts Facebook page.