Royal Resorts Signature Club membership includes a two-year complimentary enrollment to RCI.

Using RCI Weeks, you can trade your Royal Resorts interval for a vacation at the resort of your choice in destinations around the world. Deposit the entire villa, the suite or the lock off room in the program according to your vacation needs.

Once you have logged on to with your ID you can compare the trading power of different resorts you are interested in and check availability. This enables you to use the trading power of Royal Resorts to your advantage.

If you trade your week for another week with a lower trading power value your left over trading power is returned to you as a Deposit Credit that you can use towards a second vacation.

Another option is to trade up by depositing multiple weeks and combining them and/or any Deposit Credits you might have for greater trading power. By doing this, you can trade into a resort that may have been out of your reach before, or vacation at a different time of year.

With RCI Weeks you can also exchange your week or Deposit Credit for a cruise. Thousands of cruises are available on all the world’s major routes.

You can deposit weeks in RCI Weeks two years before you wish to travel and up to 14 days before the start date of your interval. Depositing your week earlier gives you more trading power, more vacation options and of course, more time to plan.

The RCI website includes RCI TV where you can find user-friendly video tutorials explaining different aspects of the exchange process.