We have warned you in the past about fraudulent resale companies and we would like to draw your attention to a new scam. This time it involves someone going by the name of Laura Borchers who approaches timeshare members offering to buy their unit. She states that she is hearing impaired and wants to work through a broker and First American title transfer.

One of our members had listed his units for sale on a timeshare vacation website and was contacted by this person. As title transfers for Royal Resorts units must be done through Interval Servicing, the membership services company, he realized that it was a scam and alerted us so that we could spread the word.

Here is the link to the communication he received.

If you receive a suspicious email like the one from Laura Borchers offering to buy your unit or are contacted by any company offering resale services and requesting money up front we recommend that you disregard them and take no action. Above all, do not send any money. They may not be genuine and if you pay it is very possible that you will not hear from them again.

When approached by any company via email or Internet you should always make sure that they are legitimate by doing an online background check or requesting certification details before making any payments.