When you come to the Mexican Caribbean you have the opportunity to learn not just one but two new languages: Spanish and Maya, the language spoken throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. Stay posted for our weekly pointers.

It’s raining
Spanish: Está lloviendo
Maya:  Tun k’áaxal ha’
(toon k’aahsh-ahl-hah)

Spanish: Lluvia
Maya: cháak/ha’

Spanish: sol
Maya: k’iin

It’s hot
Spanish: hace calor
Maya: k’íilkab or  hach kilcab

It’s cold
Spanish: hace frio
Maya: ke’el or hach ceel ziiz

I’m cold
Spanish: Tengo frio
Maya: Ke’eleen

Spanish: nublado
Maya: nóokoy

Spanish: viento
Maya: iik’

    Word of the week

Visitors to the Mexican Caribbean may have seen this word and wondered what it meant, and if you are a driver you may have already found out the hard way! Tope is the word for speed bumps or sleeping policemen. You’ll find topes in front of schools and in residential areas and as you enter and leave villages such as those along Highway 180 to Chichén Itzá and Mérida.