Nestled on a beautiful beach with the Mesoamerican reef just offshore and mangrove forest and a nature reserve in the backyard, Grand Residences is in a privileged natural setting. Planning had to be meticulous in order to safeguard the environment and obtain the construction permits needed to build on the site.

Mexican environmental laws protect mangroves and permits stipulated that Grand Residences had to protect the surrounding mangroves and that 75 percent of the landscaped areas on the 13-acre site also had to be planted with white and botoncillo mangroves and the remaining 25 percent with native species found in coastal areas such as palms, sea grape, spider lilies and chaca.

A nursery was established at the site in 2008 and the majority of the plants used in the landscaping and reforestation of the resort, including 100,000 mangrove seedlings, were raised there. Mangroves have been transplanted to different areas of the resort such as the sunken gardens on either side of the decks and also behind the machine house.

The adjacent lot has also been reforested with mangroves and rubble dumped in the wetlands by a former owner has been removed, restoring normal water flow. Wildlife is returning to the reforested area and the resort will continue to contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem.

Grand Residences operates with cutting-edge eco-friendly programs to reduce its environmental impact and protect local wildlife.

Ninety percent of all the lighting in Grand Residences is LED, the remainder is PL and energy-efficient air-conditioning, electrical appliances and water heating systems are used. The water is purified using reverse osmosis technology and there is a desalination plant. A state of the art treatment plant also allows waste-water to be treated and disposed of in accordance with environmental norms.