One of the concerns that some members have voiced was that the family ambiance would be affected by the All-Inclusive concept. We have taken steps to ensure that your home away from home does not change and we continue to enforce the rules.

All guests must abide by the resort rules if they wish to stay with us and they are enforced with members and non-members alike, including all-inclusive guests. In the event of an incident, warnings are issued when necessary and further action is taken if guests fail to comply with rules concerning anti-social behavior.

Through additional staff training, increased vigilance and better communication with guests about the consequences of not following the rules, we are improving compliance with club regulations, always keeping an open mind and treating every guest with utmost respect and professionalism.

All-inclusive guests are asked for their credit cards when they check in to cover any additional purchases they make during their stay and for incidentals, including damage to resort property either in the villa or public areas. If additional maintenance is required it does not have an impact on the annual Club Service Fee paid by members.

Incidents relating to suites left in an excessively dirty state or damage to resort property have not risen as a result of the launch of the REFINE All-Inclusive package. This is also the case for reports of rowdy behavior. In fact, the number of incidents of antisocial behavior registered at The Royal Haciendas actually declined in 2013.