dragarm1The Beach Project crew has been working round the clock and we are pleased to report that they have now advanced to The Royal Caribbean. You can see the progress as you look at the most recent photos taken by the Royal Channel on January 7.
As work is underway at The Royal Caribbean and will continue at The Royal Islander, the beaches in front of the three resorts will remain closed for safety reasons until the authorities give the signal to reopen them. The floating tube through which sand is pumped from the dredger to the metal pipeline on the beach is currently located in front of The Royal Caribbean and is expected to remain there for several days, and diggers and other heavy vehicles continue to operate in the area. A temporary access to the beach has now been opened in front of Building M at The Royal Mayan. Additional updates will be published as we receive more information from the beach project coordinator.
dragarm2According to the original calendar issued by the Mexican authorities in December 2009, the pipes and beach restoration vehicles were scheduled for removal at the three resorts on January 15 (estimated date, give or take one or two days).
The beaches to the north of The Royal Mayan are open and shuttle service to The Royal Sands is also available. Overall, the Cancún Beach Restoration project is now 77% complete.
Stay posted for a video and additional photos over the coming days.