Who is the first person to say Bienvenidos a Casa or “Welcome Home” when you step out of your van at Club Internacional de Cancun? The odds are that it is Jeremias Chi, one of the Bellboys at the resort. His big smile, friendly manner and infectious sense of humor are unforgettable and he is a favorite with members and guests.

Jeremias was born in the town of Izamal in the neighboring state of Yucatan and moved to Cancun with his family in 1980. In those days as a 10 year old, Cancun had plenty of open spaces to roam about in and Jeremias remembers exploring the jungle, playing in the children’s playground next to El Parian market and spending all day at the beach with his friends.   “The bus fare out to the Hotel Zone used to cost us $2 old pesos (the large coins) and the last hotel at that time was the Sheraton. You could walk for miles and we used to stay on the beach until nightfall, we didn’t want to miss a minute.”

Jeremias started work at Club Internacional in 1994 as a painter and then trained to become an air-conditioning technician in the Maintenance department. He became a Bellboy in 2004 and it is clear to all those who know him that he loves his job. He agrees, “I am very lucky to have a job I love. It is a privilege to meet thousands of people and they come back to see me every year! I really believe that we are family and that this is my home too. All our members and guests are special and I try and greet them by name, something they really appreciate. My mission is to make them feel at home and help them enjoy their stay, whether it’s by giving them information, hailing a cab or helping them out when they have a problem.”

Staff training is a high priority at Royal Resorts and Jeremias has taken advantage of the many opportunities available. He says, “I will always be grateful for the training I have had at Club Internacional de Cancún. Over the years I have been able to complete my primary and high school studies through the open learning program, take English and computer classes and do work experience in other departments. Thanks to Royal Resorts I am who I am today.”

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