A second Internet service has been introduced at The Royal Haciendas to complement the free Wi-Fi and improve the Internet experience for members and guests. The new fee-based high-speed connection may be used for live streaming, video downloads and video conferencing and accessing websites such as YouTube, Netflix and Skype. Rates are for 30 minutes or an hour and there are also options for 24 hours, one, two or three weeks and a package rate for guests staying for more than three weeks.

The standard free Wi-Fi service is available for members and guests who wish to check their emails, access social networks and browse the Internet in their villa or around the resort. The speed of this connection has been boosted from 128 to 256 kbps. Furthermore, WAPs (modems) have been installed in all the units, in both the suites and lock off rooms to improve connectivity. The Internet company is also offering 24-hour personalized technical support service.

We hope that this upgrade and the new high-speed service make Internet usage much more enjoyable for members and guests at The Royal Haciendas.

Management is also working with the IT department, Internet supplier and other companies to study ways in which the speed of the connection at the Cancun resorts could be improved.