We hope that this cocktail will put you in the mood for your next trip to Cancun, this recipe comes from the bartenders at Char Hut in The Royal Sands.

Char Hut Cocktail
1 oz coconut Bacardi
½ oz peach liqueur
½ oz melon liqueur
4 oz cranberry juice
½ oz Negrita spiced rum
Ice cubes

Place ice cubes in a tall glass and pour over the Coconut Bacardi, peach and melon liqueur and the cranberry juice. Top with the spiced rum and garnish with lime slices.

Is there a cocktail you are craving, a drink that brings back happy memories of Royal Resorts? We hope that you will soon be here with us enjoying the Mexican Caribbean sun, in the meantime, why not drop us a line if you would like to see a particular recipe.